Intro to Breastfeeding for the Speech Language Pathologist

This course discussed the benefits of breastfeeding and the stages of milk production. Additionally, it goes over strategies to support increased milk production and improving latch. The importance of understanding and reading feeding cues, as well as, how to support a breastfeeding dyad are emphasized.

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Alyson Ware is a pediatric speech-language pathologist is a pediatric speech- language pathologist with experience in infants, toddlers and young children. She has worked in private practice, early childhood intervention and a children’s hospital. Alyson has taken over 200 hours of continuing education in the area of pediatric feeding and swallowing. She is currently working towards her Board Certification in Swallowing and Swallowing Disorders.

Alyson Ware, MS, CCC-SLP

Learner Outcomes:

  • List the 3 benefits of breastfeeding

  • Describe the 3 stages of the milk making process

  • List 3 strategies for increasing milk production

  • List 3 feeding cues

  • List 2 strategies to assist in the latching process


Financial and Non-Financial Disclosures:

Financial:Alyson is a full-time employee of Bluebonnet Trails Community Services

and founder of East Austin Speech Therapy, PLLC. She received a speaking fee for this course.

Non-Financial: Alyson is a volunteer for Dysphagia Outreach Project and member of SIG 13.


Time-Ordered Agenda

0:00-1:00 About the speaker, disclosures, learning outcomes

1:00-10:58 Terminology, benefits and barriers to breastfeeding, breastfeeding myths

10:59-14:20 Lactation hormones and milk-making process 

14:21-30:00 The 9 Instinctive Stages

30:01-37:08 Hunger cues and latch process

37:09-42:47 Managing supply, weight expectations

42:48-47:50 Breastfeeding and dysphagia 

47:51-50:30 Common Problems with Breast and Nipples

50:31-58:44 Common Problems with Baby

58:45-1:01:15 Positioning 

1:01:16-1:04:02 Contraindications to breastfeeding 

1:04:03-1:07:26 Case Study and References


How to get ASHA CEUs:

-Watch Pre-recorded course in its entirety

-Complete 5 question post-quiz scoring 80% or higher

(you can retake the quiz)

-Make sure name, e-mail, address, and ASHA

number are correct in Thinkific account


*ASHA CEU option begins 9/10/2021

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