Deep Dive into Proloquo2go

This course is intended to be a demonstration and discussion of the communication software, Prolquo2go.  The session involves a demonstration and discussion of the software’s editing, programming, set-up, and other software features. This session will continue on to cover how to adjust the software to cater to the user’s needs.

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Wyatt Franken is a graduate of the University of Northern Iowa with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Science & Disorders.  Wyatt began his work as an AAC Consultant with Talk to Me Technologies in 2015.  In his role as an Augmentative Communication Consultant with Talk to Me Technologies, Wyatt assists in the evaluation, placement, training, and implementation of augmentative and alternative communication. His experience includes working with both pediatric populations and adult populations in clinical, acute care, and educational settings.   Wyatt has dedicated his studies and career to serving children and adults who may benefit from augmentative and alternative communication.

Wyatt Franken B.A./ AAC Consultant

Content Disclosure: This course focuses exclusively on the Proloquo2go program. Other similar programs will not be discussed.

Learner Outcomes:

  • Describe how to add personalized vocabulary buttons/folders.

  • Describe how to add pictures onto vocabulary buttons.

  • Describe how to properly set-up and make changes to the software to cater to the AAC user’s needs.

  •  Describe how to adjust access method settings

  • Explain how to back-up and share page-sets.

Financial and Non-Financial Disclosures:

  • Financial: Wyatt Franken is an employee of and has a financial relationship with Talk to Me Technologies.  Wyatt benefits financially from the purchase of Talk to Me Technologies’ products and/or services. Wyatt received a speaker fee for this presentation by Pediatric Feeding Therapy, LLC.  

  • Nonfinancial: Wyatt receives free equipment while in this role.



  • 0- 5 minutes—Introductions

  • 5-25 minutes—Editing and Programming Deep dive:  We will explore how to do basic editing including – adding a button, adding a picture onto a button, adding audio onto a button, how to hide buttons, how to re-arranged buttons, language options etc.

  • 25-45 minutes—Device Settings and Set-up deep dive:  We will explore the different setting options including – how to change the voice,  how the change the rate of speech, how to edit pronunciations, how to adjust keyboard, how to adjust in-app access methods.

  • 44-60 minutes— Device back-up and resource deep dive: We will go through the different options of backing-up and saving page-sets within the software. We will also discuss other resources available to increase knowledge and usage of Proloquo2go.


How to get ASHA CEUs:

-Watch Pre-recorded course in its entirety

-Complete 5 question post-quiz

-Make sure name, e-mail, address, and ASHA

number are correct in Thinkific account


*ASHA CEU option begins 10/22/2021

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