Pediatric Feeding Mentorship Group



Assessment through Intervention

More than a course

Mentorship and support for professionals, graduate students, or CFs on pediatric feeding and swallowing disorders



 4-Weeks of courses targeting:

  • Assessment

  • Signs/Symptoms & Referrals

  • Intervention Philosophies

  • Application of Knowledge​​

Targeted populations are post-NICU through early childhood. 


Quick reference handouts and forms that can be immediately implemented in assessment and treatment (e.g. functional oral motor exam, sample referral form, common associated diagnoses)


Live sessions for knowledge checks, case study reviews, and Q&A

2 times offered per week to accommodate time zones. 

*Recordings uploaded for review after each call.


During and after the program for answering questions, networking, & ongoing support

Live calls continue to happen monthly after course completion for all graduates! This means ongoing mentorship and support for your caseloads & learning

Next Course: January 2022


1. After you sign-up, the course will be added to your Thinkific account library.

2. You will receive an e-mail with important information for accessing week 1 modules, joining the private Facebook Group, and dates/times & link for live sessions.

3. Pre-recorded modules are typically released beginning 5 days before the first live call and then weekly on Wednesdays.

4. Live sessions are offered twice per week to accommodate time zone & work schedule differences (see below for upcoming live session schedules). They are 75 minutes long.

5. Posts in Facebook group are responded to within 48 business hours.

6. Recordings of live sessions are posted after calls for you to review at your convenience.

7. "Call to Actions" are provided every week to support implementation of learned information. For example, review case studies and consider what referrals you will make & watch videos to practice a functional oral motor examination.

Learner Outcomes

  1. Describe the four domains of Pediatric Feeding Disorders

  2. Explain how to perform a comprehensive feeding and swallowing evaluation

  3. List signs and symptoms for referring to another discipline

  4. Apply 3 intervention philosophies to treatment strategies

  5. Identify three treatment strategies to support feeding skills progress


Week 1

Pre-Recorded Part 1: 1 hour 14 minutes

-Overview of pediatric feeding disorder & domains

-What to include in an evaluation

-Functional oral motor examination

-Cranial nerves involved with feeding and swallowing

Practice Videos

-Different Types of Mastication: 5 minutes

-Functional Oral Mech Exam: 9 minutes

Live Session: 75 minutes

Week 2

Pre-Recorded: 47 minutes

-Signs/Symptoms for referrals to the following disciplines: allergist, cardiologist, craniofacial team, ENT/otolaryngologist, dentist, orthodontist, orofacial myologist, endocrinologist, dietitian, gastroenterologist, geneticist, lactation consultant, neurologist, pulmonologist, PCP, OT, PT, developmental pediatrician, psychologist, counselor, social worker

-Common related diagnoses associated with feeding and/or swallowing difficulties

-How to network and built a referral team

-Case studies to practice identifying signs/symptoms and recommended referrals

Live Session: 75 minutes

Week 3

Pre-Recorded Part 1: 49 minutes

-Discuss 3 intervention philosophies for treatment: experience-dependence  , responsive feeding, & multidisciplinary collaboration

-Aspiration in pediatrics and how to manage/treat, including, but not limited to: thickeners, nipple flow rates, positioning, & systematic weaning protocol

Pre-Recorded Part 2: 23 minutes

-International Dysphagia Diet Standardization Initiative (IDDSI) overview

Practice Video:

-Practice Identifying Intervention Philosophies in Action: 6 minutes

Live Session: 75 minutes

Week 4

Pre-Recorded Part 1: 1 hour

-Strategies for interventions, including: how to teach chewing, straw and open cup drinking, starting solids/signs of readiness, tube weaning, & adaptive positioning.

-Goal Writing

Case Studies: 20 minutes

-10 case studies to practice application of knowledge & skills

Additional Videos

-Teaching chewing with food: 4 minutes

-Straw and open cup: 3 minutes

-Straw drink progress: 1 minute

-Mastication pattern progression: 4 minutes

Live Session: 75 minutes



Week 1: 1/4 @ 8pm EST & 1/7 @ 11am EST

Week 2: 1/11 @ 8pm EST & 1/14 @ 11am EST

Week 3: 1/18@ 8pm EST & 1/21 @ 11am EST

Week 4: 1/25 @ 8pm EST & 1/28 @ 11am EST

For ASHA CEUs, you must complete the following:

-Include ASHA number, address, & e-mail when signing up (or enter into your account before completion of course)

-Watch weekly pre-recorded modules & short videos

-Complete weekly "call to actions" for live session discussion

-Attend 1 live session per week (you may attend both, but will only get ASHA CEU credit for one)

-Complete 3-question quiz by 5pm EST on Friday after final live session.

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Target Audience: SLPs, Clinical Fellows, and graduate students who have completed dysphagia course & want to learn more about assessment and treatment of pediatric feeding and swallowing disorders. This course does not go in depth on typical feeding development, so a foundation in that is recommended, but not required. 


Course Instructor

Brianna Miluk, MS, CCC-SLP, CLC

Bri is a speech-language pathologist and certified lactation counselor. Her primary populations include infants and medically-complex children. She created this course to bridge a gap in what is learned in graduate school to real-life clinical application of skills for patients with feeding and swallowing difficulties. Bri hopes that you will not only have newfound strategies and skills to implement, but also feel more supported and empowered to take on PFDs!


Financial: Bri is the founder and CEO of Pediatric Feeding Therapy, LLC and receives income for presenting continuing education courses. She is also the owner and creator of Pediatric SLP Library and receives compensation. Bri receives salary from Earthshine Speech and Language.


Non-financial: Bri is the founder and president of the Pediatric Feeding Disorder Foundation. She is also a volunteer ambassador for Feeding Matters. Bri manages the Instagram page @pediatricfeedingSLP and co-hosts the podcast The Feeding Pod.