Basics of Sensory Processing

This course focused on defining what sensory processing means and how it plays into a child's development and child's functioning, defining sensory processing disorder, describing the different sensory systems, and provided case studies to further understanding.



Megan is an Occupational Therapist who works with pediatrics patients in the outpatient settings. Her passion is helping families understand the sensory needs of a child so that the child and family can function in the most productive and healthy way possible. Megan enjoys educating others about the role of OT in child development and the interdisciplinary component of working in the health care setting.

Megan Heijjer, OTR/L

Learner Outcomes:

  • Define sensory processing

  • Define Sensory Processing Disorder

  • List and describe the different sensory systems 

  • List and define the different subtypes of sensory processing disorder 


Financial and Non-Financial Disclosures:

Financial: Megan received compensation for presenting this course from Pediatric Feeding Therapy, LLC. She receives a salary from Prisma Health Upstate.

Non-Financial: Megan does not have any non-financial disclosures.


Time-Ordered Agenda

0:00-3:00 Introduction 

3:00-9:00 What is Sensory Processing and SPD

9:00-13:00 Neurology of Sensory Input 

13:00-25:00 The different sensory systems 

25:00-32:00 Sensory Activities 

32:00-45:00 The Subtypes of Sensory Processing Disorder 

45:00-52:00 Case Studies 

52:00-60:00 Sensory Treatment Basics


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